The stream’s three sessions at EQUIP 2018 were:

  • Inadequacy is compulsory
    Meeting the Challenges of Mission in our post-Christian age.
  • Talking about Jesus without sounding religious
    Equipping the non-evangelists in our church.
  • The irresistible Jesus
    Witnessing effectively/creatively in our post-Christian age and focussing our witness on Christ.

Upcoming network meet-ups and events

Please note that the next meet-up of the Evangelism Network, originally planned for 25th March 2019, has now been postponed to:

  • Saturday 8th June 2019 – more details to follow.

Further meet-ups and webinars are still on the drawing board – watch this space!

You’d be very welcome to attend the Network meet-ups, whether you were able to join us at EQUIP 2018 or not. If you’d like to come, or would like to bring others from your church with you, then please sign-up to join the network and we can send you more details and ensure that we reserve a space for you and your group.

Resources from previous meet-ups

The first of this season’s network meet-ups took place on 26th November 2018, at the Evangelical Movement of Wales Office in Bridgend.

Led by Lindsay Brown and Dave Norbury, the programme covered:

  • Rebecca Manley Pippert DVD excerpt – A free copy of the Rebecca Manley Pippert DVD and a set of study books were offered to each church that attended the meet-up.
  • How do we help our churches to share the gospel and reach out to lost, needy people?
  • How do we give honest answers to serious questions effectively?
  • Sharing creative ideas for evangelism (including for Christmas outreach)
  • Prayer

Click here to download a copy of the “Mobilising our churches in evangelism” Powerpoint slides (.pptx), and the “Keeping Christmas Fresh” document (.pdf), which collates some wonderfully practical and creative ideas for Christmas outreach from a number of evangelists and church leaders.

EQUIP 2018 Network Speaker

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Rebecca Manley Pippert

Rebecca Manley Pippert is an internationally known speaker who regularly lectures on spiritual renewal, evangelism and character formation.

Network Facilitators

David Norbury

David Norbury

Dr David Norbury is married to Pat. They have three married sons and seven grandchildren. On his retirement he became General Secretary of the EMW. He has supported over 50 churches across Wales in mission outreach since 2008. He is a trustee of EMW and UBM and is a member of the new SU Cymru steering group.

Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown

Lindsay Brown is a native of Wales. He has been involved in student ministry with IFES for over 30 years, serving variously as European Regional Secretary, International General Secretary and currently heads up FEUER (Fellowship of Evangelists in the Universities of Europe).