Five network streams to support you and your church

When you sign up for one of the dedicated network streams at the EQUIP 2018 conference, you’ll attend three sessions to help equip you in your church or community where you are sharing the gospel. And the network will go on beyond the conference – as a support and mentor group. You’ll get the opportunity to journey with a group of people who are interested and passionate about the same area of ministry as yourself.

Click on the links below for information, videos and resources for the EQUIP Networks for 2018.


Rebecca Manley-Pippert will be sharing some creative and practical ideas for evangelism and spreading the Good News in our churches, communities and work places.

Discipling God's people

What is discipleship, and how can leaders best help others to grow in unity and maturity?

Christian soul care

Share practical support and advice to help you to support people in their pain, loss and anxiety, and in their triumphs, joys and victories.

Children & youth leaders

With support and practical advice from the Scripture Union team, develop strategies and skills for sharing God’s Word with children and young people.

Pastors network

The role of ‘pastor’ brings joys and challenges in equal amounts! Get together with other local church leaders to help equip each other for servant leadership.