Listening Skills Taster Day
Saturday, 9th March - Litchard Mission Church, Bridgend, CF31 1PP

“Active listening” is more than just listening – it’s a way of listening that engages both the speaker and the listener – and it can be one of the building blocks for how we care for each other in a church or pastoral setting.

A free “Listening Skills Taster Day” has been organised for Saturday 9th March at Litchard Mission Church in Bridgend. The day offers an opportunity to develop our listening skills and to become better listeners. You can download details of the full programme here.

The day has been organised by Soul Care Cymru, which has been born out of the Soul Care Network from Wales Leadership Forum.

There is no charge for the day, however donations will be appreciated towards costs.

Book your place at the taster day by emailing

Places are limited, so early booking is recommended.

The Soul Care network session at EQUIP 2023:
"Listening to Trauma"

Sheila Stephen has qualifications in Biblical Studies as well as counselling. She is an accredited and registered counsellor/psychotherapist with experience of many years of practice in the NHS as well as in private practice. She also practises as a clinical supervisor and a pastoral supervisor and has lectured in counselling as well as pastoral care.  In the past she has served as Chair of the Personnel Subcommittee of a UK missions agency as well as having a number of roles in the voluntary sector. She aims to practise integratively.

In this workshop Sheila will explore how it is to listen to trauma in a pastoral care setting and will open up principles of post-traumatic growth in a spiritual context.

You can watch the recording of this session on our YouTube channel.

Sheila Stephen

Sheila Stephen

Network Facilitator

Phil Swann

Phil Swann

Phil Swann began ministry in West Yorkshire in 1990 after leaving his career in Cardiff as a Physiotherapist. He is now the Pastor at Llanelli Free Evangelical Church in West Wales. He also teaches Pastoral Theology, for the Evangelical Movement of Wales, on their Theological Training Course.

The stream’s sessions at EQUIP 2022 were:

  • Session One (Online) | Thu 22 Sept 6.30-7.30
    A clean heart

    How helping others can show up our own hurts and regrets and sin and the need for our own deep assurance of grace.
  • Session Two (In-person) | Sat 24 Sept 10.00-11.10 – Held at Glenwood Church, Cardiff
    A quiet heart
    The need to remain humble in helping others, avoiding the temptation to see ourselves as saviours. Learning to be content in the Lord and quietly part of his work.

The stream’s sessions at EQUIP 2021 were:

  • Session One (Online) | “Recognising abuse”
    God calls us to speak up, judge rightly, defend and deliver the weak and needy. Many who sit amongst us every Sunday desperately need us to do exactly this, and yet we miss the signs. This session will help us to recognise and respond to domestic abuse. We will consider some red flags that can alert us to the presence of abuse. We will also see what abuse dynamics look like and learn some of the common pitfalls to avoid. This will enable us to provide loving, biblically grounded care for those who are suffering so greatly.
  • Session Two (In-person) | “Caring for the abused”
    Sadly, many who approach the church for help are retraumatised by the response they receive. Often, they walk away for good. The pain of systematic abuse destroys so much of our personhood and often results in complex trauma. If we are not trauma aware, we tend to misunderstand what we are seeing in the victim and cause further damage, placing victims in greater danger, through our response. This session will consider the signs of complex trauma and address some common mistakes to avoid. This will equip us to help rather than harm.
  • Session Three & Four (Online) | “Caring for the abuser”
    Our previous two sessions have looked at recognising the relational dynamics of abuse and caring for the abused. However, it is vital that we also consider what robust, biblical care for the abuser looks like. It is complicated and one in which it is easy to cause further damage, but not taking action goes against the heart of God.

Please note – some of the material discussed in these sessions may feel difficult or triggering for some.

Recording from the online Soul Care Network session held during the EQUIP 2021 conference.

Audio recording from the Soul Care Network session held on the final day of the EQUIP 2021 conference.
Download the accompanying PowerPoint slides here.

Recording from the online Soul Care Network session held in February 2022.