Growing Churches Programme

The Growing Churches Programme is an initiative to help train and support future church leaders to share the gospel in Wales.

Individuals who take part in the Programme will attend a training programme that is focused primarily on evangelism through the local church. Wales Leadership Forum have developed a 2 year training course designed to enhance the gifts and abilities of people who love to learn practically and actively.

The Programme will:

  • work with gospel minded churches and organisations to help appoint individuals who have an evangelistic heart;
  • support the placement of individuals into churches and provide training and development focused on evangelism;
  • ensure all individuals who are funded and placed are allowed to spend up to 6 weeks on gospel mission activities in their training period away from the church they are working with.

We’d love you to pray with us as we seek to find and support those who feel called by God to serve.

And, we’d love you to join with us in funding as well. See below for details on how you can donate to the Programme.

John and Harriet Funnell

“I am really excited to be involved in this programme. I can’t wait to see the next generation come through… and I can’t wait to encourage them and support them to go out into the context that God has called them to…”

John Funnell, Pastor, Noddfa Baptist Church, Abersychan


Training focuses on applying biblical theology to ministry opportunities in some of the most neglected and needy parts of Wales. Courses are delivered by Wales Leadership Forum with access to a number of recognised evangelical partners, offering a high standard of Bible teaching and personal development alongside ministry placement in a local church.

During the training, candidates will develop –

  • Convictions: Biblical knowledge and understanding.
  • Character: Under God, learners will be transformed more into the likeness of Jesus Christ to live loving, sacrificial lives that serve the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of those around them.
  • Competencies: Skills to communicate Biblical truth to others and lead God’s people in making disciples.

During this period candidates will be expected to be part of a group involved in missional activities in Wales. This will be for a period of up to 6 weeks and away from their church.

Interested? Want to know more?

More information about how to apply for the Programme, which launches in January 2021, will be available shortly.

For now, though, we’d encourage you to meet and pray with your church leader to share your heart and calling with them.

If you are interested in taking part in the Growing Church Programme, or simply have questions about the Programme and how it will work, use this form to get in touch.

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