Loving God with Heart and Mind

We’ll explore together how this shapes our discipleship and our evangelism, how this shapes everything.

Thursday 26th September 2024
7:30pm at New House Country Hotel, Cardiff
(or join us online from 8:00pm)

“What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us”. What do we think about when we think about God? And how does that impact us in the day to day of life in our homes, churches and communities? We would love you to join us as we explore these themes together.

It’s great to have Becca Thomas hosting the evening, and we are looking forward to hearing from Natalie Brand our speaker.

What can you expect from the evening itself? The theme is ‘LOVING GOD WITH HEART AND MIND’. We’ll hear from Natalie, and then Becca will talk with two or three others about how loving God with heart and mind impacts their lives.

This year’s event will be in-person and livestreamed. It would be great to hear of women meeting together, in different parts of Wales, to hear teaching and testimony. Then have the opportunity to reflect on what they’ve heard, and apply it to their particular context.


How will it work?

7.30 ‘til 8.00 Teas / Coffees / Refreshments In person or in Homes / Hubs
8.00 ‘til 9.00 Livestream: Talk & Panel
9.00 ‘til 9.30 Time to Chat and Reflect In person or in Homes / Hubs
Natalie Brand

Natalie Brand is a writer and Bible teacher

Natalie Brand (Ph.d, Trinity St David) is a writer and Bible teacher. She studied theology in South Wales for many years, and has taught at Union School of Theology, Oak Hill, and London Seminary. She now writes full-time, seeking to spur women to treasure doctrine as they love the Lord their God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.

Natalie is married to Tom, and they have three daughters.

Becca Thomas is on the senior leadership team for an international children’s charity

Becca Thomas has worked in the charity sector for over two decades and is part of the senior leadership team for an international children’s charity – working to improve the outcomes of children who live in poverty and face crisis. Becca is a speaker, regular contributor on BBC Radio Wales and co-leads the Prisca Hub in Wales which encourages, equips and develops preachers, teachers and speakers.

Married to Jonathan with three boys; when not running around after them she enjoys running through the lanes of her home town, Abergavenny.

Becca Thomas

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