Introducing the Wales Leadership Forum

The Wales Leadership Forum mission is to support God’s people across Wales to share the Gospel. It is committed to achieving this by identifying, uniting, mentoring, and resourcing God’s people – either in full time ministry or as leaders of ministries.

There are three strands to the resources and support offered:

  • EQUIP Forum: a series of local and national events to bring Christians and churches together for encouraging, teaching and sharing.
  • EQUIP Networks: ministry support and mentor groups, offering a programme of webinars, email chats and further training opportunities throughout the year.
  • EQUIP Fund: an initiative to help fund and support 10 ‘grassroots’ projects or ministries across Wales as they share the gospel with Welsh communities.

EQUIP 2018 Conference

Supporting God’s people to share the Gospel

Christchurch Centre, Newport
Friday 21 to Saturday 22 September 2018


Over 200 people attended over the two days, spending time together praising God, praying for each other, sharing stories of God’s blessing, and being encouraged and taught from God’s Word.

Leading Christian speakers – five networks to support you and your church – an opportunity to work together as God’s people across Wales

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Five network streams to support you and your church throughout the year...


Discipling God's people

Christian soul care

Children & youth leaders

Pastors network