Upcoming network meet-ups and events

The ‘webinar’ for the Discipling God’s People Network that had been arranged for 23rd November 2018 has been postponed to the new year. We’ll update this page once the new date and time has been finalised.

Further meet-ups and webinars are still on the drawing board – watch this space!

You’d be very welcome to attend the Network meet-ups and webinars, whether you were able to join us at EQUIP 2018 or not. If you’d like to attend, or would like to invite others from your church, then please sign-up to join the network and we can send you more details on how to connect.

The stream’s three sessions at EQUIP 2018 were:

  • Biblical view of disciple-making
    Closer examination of Scripture to focus and prioritise disciple-making efforts.
  • Best practice of disciple-making
    Taking best known content from experienced and proven practitioners and adapting their praxis and examples to local contexts.
  • Battling the unknowns of disciple-making
    Engaging the deep complexity of disciple-making as a dynamic field with unique and constantly evolving challenges.

EQUIP 2018 Network Speaker

Mark Stirling

Dr Mark Stirling

Mark Stirling is the leader of the European Leadership Forum’s Disciple-Making Leaders Network. He is a former medical doctor who pioneered work amongst university students with the Navigators in Edinburgh from 1998 to 2004. In 2007 he completed an MA in Exegetical Theology at Covenant Seminary in St Louis and in 2011 gained a PhD in Biblical Studies from St Andrews University, his thesis examining issues of discipleship and maturity in Ephesians.

Network Facilitator

Jay Eastman

Jay Eastman

Jay Eastman has served in education, community development, church planting, international project supervision and consulting. Jay also contributes to professional and organizational development needs for non-profit groups and businesses.