Jesus' work Jesus' way - Whole Life Discipleship and Mission

At EQUIP 2019, this network will set out a biblical vision for discipleship and mission that can be summed up as “Jesus work Jesus’ way”. A relationship with Jesus and transformation of character cannot be reduced to formula or programme. The network will explore the implications of this for church life and suggest practical ways we can grow as disciples and help others grow also.

The stream’s three sessions at EQUIP 2019 will be:

  • Biblical basis for whole of life discipleship and its inseparability from mission.
  • How people grow – developing convictions that fuel a life of discipleship and disciplemaking.
  • Case study.

Resources from previous meet-ups

On Saturday 23rd February, the Discipling God’s People network hosted a meet-up with Mark Stirling at Hope Church Merthyr, looking at the subject of Discipleship and Holiness.

Disciples of Jesus should grow in holiness. But what we understand holiness to be and how it looks will shape how we think of discipleship. How do we live as disciples of Jesus without falling into legalism on the one hand or license on the other? What does it look like to live as people united to Christ and being restored in His image?

In the first session, Mark helped us to think biblically about this crucial issue. The second session dealt with case studies, giving an opportunity to work through how these vital truths connect to our real life situations. Finally, there was an opportunity for Q&A on the issues raised during the day, and to talk practically about disciplemaking.

This seminar was of particular interest to those with a heart to make disciples of Jesus in a world with constantly changing values and challenges.

You can download the powerpoint slides here, and watch recordings of the teaching sessions below.


Session 1

Session 2

EQUIP 2019 Network Speaker

Mark Stirling

Dr Mark Stirling

Mark Stirling is the leader of the European Leadership Forum’s Disciple-Making Leaders Network. He is a former medical doctor who pioneered work amongst university students with the Navigators in Edinburgh from 1998 to 2004. In 2007 he completed an MA in Exegetical Theology at Covenant Seminary in St Louis and in 2011 gained a PhD in Biblical Studies from St Andrews University, his thesis examining issues of discipleship and maturity in Ephesians.

Network Facilitator

Jay Eastman

Jay Eastman

Jay Eastman has served in education, community development, church planting, international project supervision and consulting. Jay also contributes to professional and organizational development needs for non-profit groups and businesses.