The stream's sessions at EQUIP 2021 were:

  • Session One (Online)
    In this Zoom session we will be interviewing Ray Evans, Church Leadership Consultant for the FIEC. We will be discussing how Ray has found and experienced strength through weakness, both in his own leadership roles and also in those he has seen in churches throughout the UK. There will also be opportunity for questions from those watching the session on Zoom.
  • Session Two (In-person)
    This session will take place in person at Highfields Church, Cardiff. We will be interviewing Paul Houghton, CEO of The Kingdom Bank. Again we will be discussing strength through weakness in leadership, although this time learning from Paul’s experience of leadership in the secular world and comparing this with current leadership in the church. There will be opportunity for people attending the session to ask questions. Paul will also explain the role of Kingdom Bank.

Recording from the online Leadership Network session held during the EQUIP 2021 conference.

Network Facilitator

Geoff Cresswell

Geoff Cresswell

Geoff Cresswell is an elder at Highfields Church, Cardiff. He mentors pastors in leadership and delivers training on biblical leadership. He also mentors headteachers and runs a wellbeing course involving over 200 headteachers from across Wales.