Leadership Network Course overview

By taking part in the sessions, the aim is that you will

  • gain a deeper understanding of your personality
  • determine practical ways in which you can recharge your batteries amid the pressures of your role
  • spend time with others in an honest, confidential, supportive group of peers who face the same challenges that you do
  • apply the wisdom of Proverbs to your role
  • clarify your core values for future ministry
  • review ways of managing challenging situations and the expectations of others, using this knowledge to understand how to manage change.

Structure of the course

The course will be a mixture of group sessions and personal mentoring over a period of six months. It consists of three group sessions, two lasting a day and one lasting half a day. Each group session will be followed up with an individual session lasting half a day. There is the option of carrying on to meet as a group, three times a year, if the group wishes to stay together.

Expressing interest

If you are interested in this leadership course and wish to find out more, contact Geoff Cresswell using the email gcresswell42@googlemail.com.

Network Facilitator

Geoff Cresswell

Geoff Cresswell

Geoff Cresswell is an elder at Highfields Church, Cardiff. He mentors pastors in leadership and delivers training on biblical leadership. He also mentors headteachers and runs a wellbeing course involving over 200 headteachers from across Wales.