Owen BrownI am incredibly excited about the potential of the new ‘evangelism’ network of the Wales Leadership Forum. I myself have been involved with organised group evangelism in and around the local church in different capacities for nearly 15 years and few things fill me with as much as joy and excitement as seeing God’s people mobilised to gossip the gospel to the communities around them.

The hope firstly for Equip in September 2017 is that we will see a good group of women and men from different church tribes from South and North Wales join together for six and a half hours of specific evangelism training, ideas, principles and teaching hopefully suitable and challenging for each of our local church contexts. This will be delivered by some wonderful experienced evangelists and complemented by input from delegates from across Wales.

Then after Equip 2017 has finished the plan is to provide all delegates attending this network with a steady supply of resources, access to webinars, several opportunities to meet around Wales and maybe even the opportunity for mentoring.

We are really trusting and praying that this venture could be used for real creative engaging evangelistic good around Wales not just through the input of guest speakers but also by the sharing of ideas and best practice, challenges and hopes amongst our delegates.

I am really looking forward to seeing lots of you in Christchurch Newport on the 15th and 16th of September. I am hopeful for what each of you will bring to the network. I am looking forward to healthy conversations over coffees and meals. And I am really expectant to see how our Lord might use our frail efforts for his glory!

Owen Brown
Network Facilitator – Evangelism through the local church