Meirion ThomasGlobal mission and local mission should complement one another. It’s the same gospel and the same God given mission. Most of our time is spent in the local situation seeking to reach people around us being salt and light into the family, workplace, community settings where we live. Keeping an intentional missional focus on all we are and do is a challenge when we can become comfortable, complacent and compromising at home.

We are all sent. We are all disciples. We all need the support and partnership of the local family of believers. We all need the backing and encouragement of prayer for the mission situations that are among our neighbours and friends.

There is also a harvest field in villages, towns and cities in Wales. Should the mission principle of sending be a pattern for us as we consider many areas of our land where there is little or no gospel witness? Should some Christians think of applying for jobs in such needy areas? To hear the call of the kingdom may mean just moving to mid-Wales! Cross-cultural mission will always demand respect for the local language. Should more be learning Welsh so they can reach barren gospel areas of predominantly Welsh speaking communities?

Other languages and religious communities are now on our door step. The world has come to Wales with Arabic, Pakistani, Somali, Chinese, Romanian, Polish and many other ethnic communities living side by side. Such rich diversity of culture and language so close presents great challenges and wonderful opportunities to show love, care and gospel-shaped living.

Whoever, wherever, whenever, whatever our circumstances, loving, sending and serving the local and global mission of God is a joy and blessing. May it ever and always honour and glorify him.

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Meirion Thomas
Network Facilitator – Developing a missionary vision