EQUIP 2018 Network

Please note – this page contains information, resources and videos about one of the EQUIP Network streams organised for EQUIP 2018.

We’ll shortly be publishing news and further details about the five EQUIP Networks planned for EQUIP 2020.

The role of pastor is one that has wonderful rewards as you see God at work. However, it can be incredibly demanding as you oversee and shepherd God’s people in our complex and fast- changing society. How can you ensure that your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family is sustained in such a pressured role? How does the wisdom of scripture bear upon the way you lead and manage in your church? The seminars in the ‘Pastors Network’ are designed to tackle these questions head-on by applying the wisdom of proverbs to these issues and by drawing on the experience of Godly leaders from across the world who are attending the conference. Prior preparation will be set for all applicants.

Upcoming network meet-ups and events

A webinar has been arranged for the Pastors Network on:

  • Saturday 2nd February, at 10am.

The webinar will offer an opportunity for a catch up, along with further discussion and information relating to understanding your God-given temperament. Members of the Pastors Network will be contacted in the new year with details of how to access the webinar.

You’d be very welcome to join the webinar, whether you were able to join us at EQUIP 2018 or not. If you’d like to attend, or would like to invite others from your church, then please sign-up to join the network and we can send you more details on how to connect.

This network stream will help you to:

  • You will use the wisdom from proverbs to influence the way you lead and manage in very practical ways
  • You will better understand your personality and the way these traits affect your wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around you – you are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’
  • You will learn from successful leaders from across the world who have years of experience in very different contexts
  • You will also have the opportunity to meet with other pastors, share ideas and experiences and pray for one another.

Network Facilitator

Geoff Cresswell

Geoff Cresswell

Geoff Cresswell is an elder at Highfields Church, Cardiff. He mentors pastors in leadership and delivers training on biblical leadership. He also mentors headteachers and runs a wellbeing course involving over 200 headteachers from across Wales.

Guest Contributors

Ramez Atallah

Ramez Atallah

Ramez Atallah has been General Secretary of the Bible Society of Egypt since 1990.

Ajith Fernando

Ajith Fernando

Ajith Fernando serves as Teaching Director of Youth for Christ in Sri Lanka after being National Director for 35 years.