An “accidental evangelist” is how Jeremy Marshall describes himself.

Jeremy is going to share his journey from City banker to Christian speaker,  at EQUIP 2022, onscreen live, Thursday Sept 22nd.

Father, husband, Watford FC fan, occasional cricketer and golfer, blogger and writer, Jeremy lives in Kent. He spent several years Bible smuggling every summer with his Father, a Pastor, behind the old Iron Curtain.

His last proper job was as CEO of C Hoare and Co, the UK’s oldest private bank.

Determined to invest his treasure in heaven, Jeremy went into partnership with friends and acquired Kingdom Bank to help Churches and Christians grow.

But it is the story of his discovery of a lump on his ribs 2017 and his subsequent battle with cancer, that is the reason that Jeremy can speak with authenticity to the conference subject of perseverance in suffering. Given 18 months to live at the point of diagnosis, he has used made the most of this extra time in speaking and living for Christ and the gospel.

His is a story all must hear and be inspired by.