We are delighted to have as one of our guest contributors on Thursday evening at EQUIP 2022, David Yeghnazar.

David is the Executive Director of Elam Ministries, a position he has held since 2014.

Elam was established in 1990 and provides resources that support the Christian mission in the Persian speaking world. Leadership Development, Church Planting, Scripture printing and distribution, satellite TV and media ministry, advocacy and relief for persecuted Christians in Iran and support to Persian speaking refugees outside of Iran, are among its most significant ministries.

Given the rapid growth of Christianity in Iran and the impact on global missions of diasporas such as Persians, David’s role is critical.

Born in Iran, but living with his wife and three children in the U.K., David is in demand as a mentor, speaker, influencer and strategic leader.

We look forward to benefiting from his unique perspective on global mission and particularly the role that suffering and persecution is playing in the growth of the Iranian Church